Black Tape For A Blue Girl - The Cleft Serpent

The Cleft Serpent - Music For Goths Grown Up.

We reviewed when it first came out and now that we are rebuilding our social media, we have decided to repost our review! We hope you enjoy!

The Cleft Serpent is the latest release by Black Tape For A Girl and Sam Rosenthal. Who are Black Tape For A Blue Girl and Sam Rosenthal? Your life has been touched by them even if you do not know them!

Who is Sam Rosenthal and Projekt Records?

Black Tape For A Blue Girl is a long standing, influential gothic band from the 1990’s with an impressive catalog of songs, albums, and art under their gothic belt! Their label Projekt Records, along with the band, are the brain children of Sam Rosenthal.

If you are a Darkling, Vampire, Fairy, or other creature of the night, then your world’s soundtrack has been scored at one point by Sam Rosenthal and Projekt. From Dark Cabaret at Burlesque Shows and Fetish Balls, to Darkwave tunes at nightclubs, to those gothic versions of holiday songs that you stumble upon on social media. The gothic, fetish, vampire, and role playing world owes a debt of gratitude to Projekt.

The Cleft Serpent On Bandcamp!

Having listened to The Cleft Serpent Samples on Bandcamp, I was immediately hooked! The neo-classical nature of the peace drew me in immediately. The traditional gothic themes of darkness, loss, longing, passion, and desire are rich and lush. They are waves upon a moonlit shore that gently wash over you, soothing, seducing you to explore the deeper waters of the soul. Hidden Villa is the long walk in the dark woods of the mind. When you are feeling feelings with no names, with passions you don’t understand, when your lost and you don’t understand why. Sad, longing, passionate and all so relatable. The Trickster “what are you willing to sacrifice?” So much, but is it enough?

Ares and Hermes – Deep and resonating tones vibrate you to the core of your being. Amazing how you can express emotion without a single word! And when the words are spoken ….. powerful! The entire album is like this! If you are a fan of old school goth, powerful emotional music, or just enjoy meditative ambient music, you must own this album!

The story behind The Cleft Serpent

From the Kickstarter

Hi! This is Sam from Black Tape For A Blue Girl. I’m asking for your support on our 13th album, The Cleft Serpent — I’m crowdfunding for the two-CD edition and the galaxy-swirl vinyl LP. The album is recorded: now we need your help to make it exist! 

Kickstarter is all or nothing, every pledge moves us closer to our $15,000 goal. When we reach it, the release goes into production.

The album weaves the tale of the enigmatic Cleft Serpent, as we follow him through time and space within a lush, dark and sensual musical palette of string-hued Neo-Classicism. It’s rich and engaging, created by our three-piece ensemble featuring new members Jon DeRosa and Henrik Meierkord. I love hearing Jon’s powerful vocals and Henrik’s mournful strings twined around my somber electronics. We’ve imagined a world that truly exists outside of modern time.”

Support this project! The Cleft Serpent is a well deserving piece of Gothic Art!

The Cleft Serpent is an outstanding piece of traditional gothic art in all its dark glory! Sadness with out depression, emotions that guide you though the mind of storyteller, instrumentals that grasp you gently in their dark embrace and don’t let go. A master class of audio story telling in verse of how to “show”, not “tell” It is a pleasure to see this form of gothic art is still with us after 30 years.

You can find The Cleft Serpent and all of Black Tape For A Blue Girl on their Bandcamp.


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